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How to reuse and adapt the old furniture with the new ones

Every time we think about renovating the spaces we live in or where we work, we always come with a question if we have to remove or not the old furniture. It seems like they are the real problem why we can not go further with the idea of renewal, since we have some of them and the new ones cost a lot. Although it may have been too long, these furniture may be in very good condition. If we take a look a bit further and see the new furnitures in general, we will certainly find many instances where the old furnitures are intergrated new new ones and brought in with style. When we see products that are produced and designed with the same elements as before, why not use those we have?  Two reasons may be enough to bring in a new project with some 'old'  furnitures intergrated in it.  First, as we mentioned it above many new products are produced in the old style,just can come a bit more updated for the nowdays requirements. The second reason is more for the inherited furniture over the years, although it seems that the 'antique' and 'contemporary' don't stand well togather, these furniture have good workmanship,so they carry historic values between generations,too. Today we are faced with this new 'adaptation' spirit, where excesive minimalism is well mixed with a touch of over-decor, adding a bit of classical finesse, with a volume that is almost empty. 

How to intergrate and to reuse the old furniture as a new concept of remodeling?

Undoubtedly this is a broad topic and the possibilities are endless and you should lookcarefully on a case by case basis, but some simple ways can help you and come to harass you for initiatives that you can now ragain, having the right clarity how you can make these renovations.  In the case of wooden furnitures, it is simple that even with the change of color, the result is extremely visible. But also,we can have in our facilities, furnitures from melamine or MDF,etc, although the consumable material sometimes has the coloring problem, they have a very high quality. To renew them, you can use sticky papers that offer an endless variety of colors and compositions. In this way we make a slight renewal only on the surface, but there are occasions where space, hastens to prevent us from thinking to get rid of this old furniture. Then it would be good if there is a possibility of reshaping the dimensions of the object, shortening, reducing, etc. or otherwise, you can join two furniture togather in one.  Understandably, not all of these processes are feasible without the help of furniture masters, but some things you can do yourself and thus regain a new identity of your furniture and spaces