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How To Protect The Environment From Pollution

The environment is the one in which mankind develops his life and without it ,he could not exist. Focusing on how to earn more money, humans are bypassing the care of natural balances. With soil, water and air pollution ,the ecosystem and natural habitats of animals and plants are gradually getting destroyed. Damage to flora and fauna at the same time,leads to deterioration of the environment and the quality of life. Considering the importance of the environment,there is a great need for his protection. In Great Britain ,environmental pollution cases are endless. Man uses the land in favor his interests, which during that time the enviromental damage it to high, instade of being minimized to the maximum. Environmental pollution shows the contamination of the earth's natural surface from the industrial, commercial, agricultural and household activities. The best way to prevent soil contamination is recycling through organized Waste Management, land use in well organized manner and adequate land use practices. In United Kingdom there are a lot of NON-RESPONSIBALE people (companies or solo trader) which operate and do rubbish removal without carrying a waste carrier licensed, and to minimize their expenses or better saying to maximaze their profit, they Fly-Tip the collected rubbish from the custemer. For example https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4179260/FIFTY-10ft-piles-recycling-dumped-beauty-spot.html . All of this situation has serious environmental consequences and harms human health. Many processes in nature are carried out through the existence of water, which humans is polluting day to day. Water resources are being affected by social factors as spills in water, chemicals, oil etc. Water pollution has serious consequences for life,such as: the disappearance of different living things, the lack of vitality water.,the spread of infectious diseases etc. Industry development and car use has caused air pollution, especially in residential areas.The consequences of these developments have resultedin severe human illness and damage to natural ecosystems. Seeing the importance of the environment and what is happening in these last decades, the mankind should start recycling more, and work towards preservationof the enviroment. For a better life quality, we must contribute to environmental conservation.